One Shepherd uses experiential learning and teaching techniques to introduce you to battlefield operating systems unique to the infantry platoon, including individual fighting techniques, field craft, radio communication, land navigation, patrolling formations, hand and arm signals, and immediate action battle drills. The leadership courses focus on troop leading procedures (TLP/BAMCIS), pre-combat inspections (PCI), combat order development and issue, decision-making models, and the after action review (AAR) process.

One Shepherd is an all volunteer not for profit organization with students from all walks of life. It is common to find military veterans, police, firefighters, and future service men and women attending classes. Our culture is a supportive yet competitive one, centered on creating a safe place to fail while learning the lessons necessary to succeed.

Located in Ulman Missouri, near the Lake of the Ozarks, a week long training typically costs only $500 and includes all food and lodging for the entire week.
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Our Publications

  • Small Unit Tactics SMARTbook

  • Establishing a common frame of reference, doctrine provides a menu of practical options based on experience.

Our Publications

  • Light Infantry Tactics Book

  • Step-by-step tactics for teams of three to 30 members.