Spring 2017 Course Descriptions

Warrior Basic Course

The two-day Warrior Basic Course covers the fundamentals of “shoot, move, and communicate.” This involves movement formations, hand signals, and immediate action battle drills. The Warrior Basic Course culminates with a nighttime patrol and a daytime force-on-force application lane. Participating members who complete the Warrior Basic Course are awarded the One Shepherd Regiment shoulder patch at the end of this two-day course. This class is required before you can take any other class expect the Land Navigation Course which is open to anyone. Meals and Loding Provided

Land Navigation Course

The two-day Land Navigation Course covers the basics of map reading, compass use, and pace count for navigation methods of dead reckoning and terrain association. The Land Navigation Course culminates with daytime and nighttime navigation lanes that are typically accomplished in warrior pairs. Walking over uneven, forrested terrain with equipment is required for this course. This course is open to anyone, no requirements. Meals and Loding Provided.

Light Leaders Course

The two-day Light Leaders Course covers the procedural models of leadership. This includes troop leading procedures (TLP/BAMCIS), pre-combat inspections (PCI), combat order development and issue, decision-making models, and finally the after action review (AAR) process. The Light Leaders Course culminates with leading warriors in a nighttime patrol and daytime force-on-force lanes. Requires completion of Warrior Basic Course, Land Navigation Course, and One Field Training Exercise. Meals and Loding Provided.

Situational Training Exercise

Each of the two-day Situational Training Exercise (STX) Seminars covers an offensive tactic, defensive tactic, and enabling tactic that are conducted at the squad and/or platoon level. This semester's course covers Pursuit/Exploitation, Retrograde, & Passage of Lines. Meals and Loding Provided.

Field Training Exercise

The Field Training Exercise (FTX) Simulation is mentally challenging, physically exhausting, and absolutely exciting. The simulation runs non-stop for 48-hours over a three-day period. It is during this period that the warriors and warrior-leaders take over the training and assume command of their respective teams. This is wargaming at the highest fidelity of live force-on-force engagement in the time-honored tradition of kriegspiele. This semester's course covers Pursuit/Exploitation, Retrograde, & Passage of Lines. Meals and Loding Provided.

Work Party

A work party consists of the community coming together to work on developing our facilities and doing maintenance on equipment. As a not for profit we rely on volunteers and students looking for a discout that can make the trip to our training center on a weekend to pitch in and help with the chores. Expect labor of diffrent sorts from building tent flooring to mowing and weed eating. Bring some food, water, and work cloths and gloves.

Warrior Leader Program

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