One Shepherd Field Gear

Warrior Leader Program

One Shepherd training is immersed in dismounted patrolling operations within a field environment. This training involves all terrain, visibility, and weather conditions. Field gear begins with uniform, be sure to see our Uniform page as well.

Field gear is a Warrior responsibility (e.g. you will purchase these items). This equipment ranges in cost from affordable to expensive. However, if cared for properly it will last you a lifetime. The packing list is broken down by class but keep in mind that the Field Training Exercise (FTX) list is the most complete. The rest of the information on this page provides a more detailed explanation of the items on the packing list.

Load Bearing Equipment (Worn in Battle)

Warriors wear load bearing equipment that allows them to carry ammunition, water, plus communication and navigation systems. This equipment is colloquially referred to as "battle rattle."

Each participant will carry two quarts of water on their person, plus multiple 30-round AR15 magazines. Hydration packs such as the CamelBak are very popular, but canteens work also. For carrying ammunition magazines you may consider ALICE LC2 or LBV88 variants, MOLLE vest, or bandolier chest pouches (BCP) of any make.

The choice is yours, but the more versatile your gear, the better. All equipment should be nylon and solid OD green in color - unless you want two sets, in which the second set may be Woodland.

Field Equipment (Carried in/on Rucksack)

  • Warriors carry a combination of personal items and team mission essential items in their rucksack. Rucksacks may weigh in excess of 60 pounds (27 kg) and are carried during road marches and the 3-day FTX Simulation over rough, uneven terrain.

    At a minimum, each Warrior will carry:

    • • Rucksack
    • • Waterproof bag
    • • Rain tarp w/bungee cords
    • • Sleeping bag
    • • Sleeping matt
    • • Entrenching shovel w/carry pouch
    • • Utility multi-tool
    • • Extra canteens w/cup and carry pouch
    • • Flashlight
    • • First aid kit
    • • Personal hygiene kit

Mission Essential Equipment (Issued)

One Shepherd will issue each participant mission specific equipment such as radios, night vision and navigation system, plus AR15 and MILES 2000/IWS simulation. Warriors are encouraged to bring their personally own AR15 - but please see our FAQ section for a further discussion on this topic. Furthermore, One Shepherd provides AR15 rifles and carbines at NO EXTRA COSTS!

Field Rations (Issued)

The Warrior Leader Program tuition fees include the cost of prepared hot meals and field rations.