The One Shepherd Regimental Patch

Warrior Leader Program

The regimental patch design superimposes two red arrowheads clashing horizontally on a white plain. A golden emblazed number “1” emerges from the contest beneath a sky blue arched tab that reads, “Follow Me.”


The color white symbolizes a pure ethos, Greek for “character.”


The color red denotes conflict in reference to the force-on-force nature of One Shepherd education through the German tradition of kriegspiele, or wargaming.


The blue arched tab is a direct reference to the infantry tradition. Sky blue is the service color of infantry, and this is suitable because One Shepherd training employs small unit dismounted patrolling operations to explore and apply Warrior-Leader competencies.


The color gold symbolizes great value. In this case the emergence of a warrior, a leader, and a shepherd from the conflict. The value of gold is further established in the words “Follow Me” – a reference to infantry traditions in patrolling tactics, yet also a reference to the servitude of the warrior, leader, and shepherd to the community and to each other.


The black border serves as a reminder to all Warriors that our tradition comes from the dark side of the human condition. This is the duality of mankind – our propensity for compassion and violence. In education, training and meditation the dark offers balance to the light. But taken out of context, the Warrior may follow a darker path. Beware.