Refund Policy

Warrior Leader Program

BE ADVISED: We have no “customers” in this program! Participants are members of our community. We seek responsibility for ourselves, our actions, and all personal and community equipment.

Tuition Payment Due

One Shepherd's tuition fee payment is due two weeks prior to the start of the Warrior Leader Program semester, however payment is encouraged well before the registration deadline. The following refund policy is set forth to promote financial planning and to establish cultural expectations of One Shepherd community members.


• Registration Deadline is the due date for payment – not the postmark date. It is established two weeks prior to the semester.
• Cancellation refers to a registered community member withdrawing from participation in the semester after they have made payment.
• Refunds are complete or partial reimbursements for tuition fee payment after such payments have been rendered.
• Transfers are the reassignment of tuition fee payment from one community member to another qualified community member.

Cancellation Type I: Prior to the Registration Deadline

No questions asked! A full and complete refund will be made for cancellations issued by members prior to the registration deadline. This is because no perishable items will be purchased on behalf of a registered community member prior to the registration deadline.

Cancellation Type II: Prior to the Training Semester

No refunds are issued for cancellations during the two-week period after the registration deadline and before the training semester. However a transfer from one community member to another is acceptable, but is the responsibility of the member. Transfer to a non-member is not acceptable.

Exceptions are made for situations involving serious injury, illness, death, or legal crisis for the community member or his/her family. In such cases a $120.00 perishable item fee per semester ($40.00 per training event) will be withheld from the tuition fee payment and all remaining funds will be refunded to the community member.

Cancellation Type III: During the Training Semester

Cancellation during the training week is strictly prohibited! Please understand that our community is relying on you. The Warriors need you for the mission. Our staff and cadre have voluntarily (e.g. without pay) surrendered all or part of their vacation from employment to work with you.

Cancellation by community member during the training results in an INCREASE in the tuition price. A commercial price of $500.00 per day will be levied on all training received during the related semester, minus tuition fees already rendered. The outstanding debt must be satisfied before the community member can begin training again with One Shepherd.

Exceptions are made for situations involving serious injury, illness, death, or legal crisis for the community member or their family. In such situations, a partial refund may be offered on a case-by-case basis, to be determined by staff officers.

Warrior Leader Program