What our Warriors are saying...

Warrior Leader Program

One Shepherd’s Warrior Leader Program boasts hundreds of alumni who serve in diverse capacities on a global scale. Additionally One Shepherd has trained hundreds more individuals and institutions through commercial contract.

The following testimonial endorsements have been collected over the past handful of years and represent a wide array of clients and members.

Regarding Relevance

"One Shepherd straddles a crossroad of many walks of life, and it cast long shadows on those various organizations. Everyone thinks they know what One Shepherd is until they come spend a week with this community. And then they leave wondering if their own communities at home truly measure up".
- Gabriel Gerow, Minneapolis, MN

"America needs this program. We need leadership on all levels in our communities. Serving across the state in times of natural disaster I found that leaders were the most essential and yet scarcest resource."
- Phillip Felix, Kansas City, Missouri

"One Shepherd has been instrumental in developing foundational leadership skills that have positively contributed to both my military and personal life. The platform utilized to teach leadership is challenging, exhilarating, hands-on, and most importantly... enjoyable. Semper Fi."
- Capt. Michael K. McGuire, USMC

"The skills and processes learned from One Shepherd have been cornerstones in the continued success of Operation East Wind. I can say without a shred of exaggeration that if you are running big events and you have not educated yourself and your staff through One Shepherd, you are not realizing your fullest potential."
- Allan Swayze, Operation East Wind

Regarding Quality

"I haven’t been this challenged in 20 years. It was tough, both physically and mentally. The FTX was the most incredible experience as there really is no way to learn about combat without MILES to engage opponents at small arms distance. One Shepherd’s FTX cannot be matched by any other program in the country. It was almost spiritual to finish the week, kick back with a beer and a steak, and reflect on everything we just accomplished."
- C. Graves, Chicago, IL

"One Shepherd delivers every time! One Shepherd is a quality organization that offers a great opportunity to spend time learning in the field. For those who seek a fun and dynamic experience practicing the skills needed as a warrior-leader, this training is hard to match unless you enlist in the active duty military."
- Robin Werling, USMC (vet.), IA

"I know quality when I see it. And One Shepherd is first rate."
- Billy Skolaut, Kansas City, MO

"One Shepherd has it all and sets the bar high! Leadership, tactics, and light infantry training all taught in a realistic force-on-force environment. I have attended dozens of weapon and tactical schools over the years and have found none comparable to One Shepherd."
- Rod Lopez, Denver, CO

"One Shepherd provides participants solid training in military tactics and field craft. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and kept the program challenging. Having trained with dozens of military, law enforcement, and private training companies around the world, I can honestly say that the staff and programs of One Shepherd are on par with some of the best in the business."
- Michael Simpson, Phoenix, AZ

Regarding FUN!

"It was the most fun I ever had with a gun!"
- Gary Dillenger, IA

"I had never used MILES before, but when our point man stepped out of the tree line and shot an opponent 200 yards away, I was suddenly very impressed."
- Dave Thomas, Kansas City, KS

"By the end of the course I couldn’t wait to attend the next training event! For me, that was the essential indicator of the course’s success—my desire to come back and learn more from these guys."
Steve Risken, Atlanta, GA

"One Shepherd is like a crack dealer…only they’re dealing in kickass fun instead."
- Alex Brock, Kansas City, MO

"Definitely worth the trip from Indiana."
- Zach Funk, Indiana University

Regarding Success

"I have been granted the Superior Cadet Award by the Department of the Army during my first year in the Reserved Officer Training Corps, the second highest award possible for a cadet. I have been ranked in the top 5 percent of my class, earning the Captain Andrew Long Scholarship. I feel One Shepherd has shaped me into the person that I am today by giving me the leadership skills necessary in school, life, and the Army. I felt compelled to say thanks for all that your program has done for me as I continue my work to become an Infantry officer."
- Cadet Dalton Mink, US Army ROTC, Missouri State University

"I wanted to pass along this personal note of thanks. I'm sure things would not have worked out nearly as well for us had you not taken the time to teach our junior officers and senior NCOs those small unit tactics and leadership skills that proved to be so valuable."
- Andrew Van der Plaats, Fort Myers, FL

"My son and I have participated in a 7-week Community Emergency Response Team training with the Maryland Heights Fire Protection District. The Fire Chief could not stop talking about my son’s ability to give direction and complete commander’s intent. The Fire Chief was a Marine veteran and he recognized skills in my son that he did not see in many adults. So this is a success story for One Shepherd because of my son’s three-year involvement in your program. Thanks guys for all you do."
- Dan Rhoads, LEO, Maryland Heights, MO

"Bringing in One Shepherd gave our school’s sport leadership program the credibility we were seeking. The professionalism of the instructors not only won the head nod approval of our administration and parents, but I’ll argue the competencies taught by One Shepherd gave our team a necessary edge in the game."
- Wade Brady, Carbondale, IL