The Warrior Leader Program

The Warrior Leader Program has four components. The first is the Warrior path, which focuses more on individual skills. Four courses are required for the completion of the warrior path. The second path is Leadership. The Leadership path also requires four courses for completion. The light fighter challenge is the third and most difficult to attain, requiring the completion of all six Situational Training Exercises (STX) and any six Field Training Exercises(FTX). The final path is the Shepherd path and is reserved for those interested in learning about how to become instructors and mentors.

The Warrior Path

All warriors must enter our Warrior Leader Program through the Warrior Basic Course. Through this initial training you become part of our community and wear the regimental shoulder patch, joining hundreds of active and alumni members literally around the globe.

Warrior Competencies

You will learn individual level competencies of "shoot, move, communicate" - first as an individual, then as a buddy team, then as a fireteam, and finally as a member of squad or platoon-sized patrols. You'll learn these tasks in the day and night, and in all terrain and weather conditions.

You'll learn One Shepherd's integral Battlefield Operating Systems. This includes the AR15 weapon series, MILES 2000/IWS simulation, radio and field phones, plus navigation and targeting systems such as night vision devices.

Through One Shepherd you will experience individual and collective tasks of the warrior. It is an intensive, exhausting, and even emotional test.

One Warrior Tab - Requirements

The intent of the tab requirements is to establish essential skill sets that facilitate in each Warrior the competency to participate in small unit patrolling operations, and to expose the Warrior to the process and discipline of mission planning and tempo, plus individual and team accountability.

The One Warrior tab requirements include at a minimum:

  • 1. Warrior Basic Course (WBC) - Two days instruction on basic warrior tasks of "shoot, move, communicate" and battlefield equipment.
  • 2. Land Navigation Course (LNC) - Two days instruction in map reading, compass work, and daytime/nighttime terrain navigation lanes.
  • 3. Warrior Advanced Course (WAC) - Two days instruction including an introduction to field craft, basic first aid, construction of Basha, camouflage of self and position, NOD implementation, Pointman duties, and RTO duties.
  • 4. Field Training Exercise (FTX) - Three days experience in force-on-force wargaming involving small unit tactics in patrolling operations.

All Warriors are coached and mentored through this process. They are offered feedback assessment through one-on-one counselling interviews with cadre instructors and staff officers.

Upon meeting these requirements our Warriors are tabbed "One Warrior." The tab is not rank. Instead it is an outward recognition by our community of Warrior experiences along their path. The Warrior track typically requires two semesters to complete.

The Leader Path

Participating Warriors enter the leadership track education through the Light Leaders Course or the Leader Reflection Course. You will learn mission planning, decision-making models, operation orders, and assessment models. You will also reflect purposefully on leadership ethics to decide what type of leader you want to be, as well as who you are now.

Leader Competencies

It is through leadership that battles are won and lost. Leadership is the universal art that unifies each community and focuses us toward a vision of success. Regardless of professional field or industry, leadership competencies include:

  • Envisioning Success
  • Communicating Intent
  • Conducting Planning
  • Decision-making
  • Building Consensus
  • Assessing Progress
  • Mentoring Others
  • Recognizing Culmination
  • Celebrating Success

One Leader Tab - Requirements

The intent of the tab requirements is to establish leadership competency through experiences.

  • 1. Light Leaders Course (LLC) - Two days instruction on the mission planning processes.
  • 2. Leader Reflection Course (LRC) - Two days instruction in reflective skills, leadership styles, and ethics.
  • 3. Mission Command Course (MCC) - Two days of instruction cover an introduction to Auftragstaktik, the principles and conduct of maneuver warfare, and Effects-based Operations.
  • 4. Additionally leaders require progressively demanding experiences that are obtained through STX Seminars and FTX Simulation.

Leaders are encouraged to accept a primary leader position and again attend both the preceding STX Seminar and subsequent FTX Simulation. Afterwards, each primary leader will offer a written form of reflection to formalize their learning. Warrior-leaders are coached and mentored through this process. They are offered feedback assessment through one-on-one counselling interviews and boards with cadre instructors and staff officers.

Upon meeting these requirements our Warriors are tabbed "One Leader." Again, the tab is not rank. Instead it is an outward recognition by our community of the experiences along your path toward Warrior-Leader. The leader track typically requires an additional three to four semesters to complete.

Members may continue to seek training and leadership opportunities to expand their experiences. There are many opportunities to remain with our community and continue to grow.

The Lightfighter Challenge

One Shepherd’s Warrior Leader Program is authentically immersed in dismounted patrolling operations that are colloquially referred to as “light fighting.” The purpose of the Lightfighter scroll is to recognize Warriors who have demonstrated a mastery of dismounted patrolling competencies that allow them to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy through fire and maneuver in close combat.

Lightfighter Competencies

Lightfighters are skilled in dismounted patrolling operations at the tactical level of warfare. Competency in small unit tactical tasks within offensive operations, defensive operations, and enabling operations is required. Each 2-day STX Seminars covers an offensive tactic, defensive tactic, and enabling tactic that are conducted at the squad and/or platoon level. There are a total of six distinct STX Seminars forming the core of the three-year Warrior Leader Program.

Tactical patrolling tasks include but are not limited to: deliberate attack, movement to contact, pursuit and exploitation, special purpose attacks, area defense, mobile defense, retrograde, security operations, and reconnaissance operations.

Lightfighter Scroll - Requirements

The Lightfighter requirements include a minimum of 32 field days of training in dismounted patrolling operations that is typically spread over a three-year endeavor. The process begins with the Warrior Basic Course, plus attendance of all six of the STX Seminars, and participation in six FTX simulations.

Upon meeting these requirements our Warriors are awarded the "Lightfighter" scroll attached to the bottom of the regimental shoulder patch. The scroll is not rank. Instead it is an outward recognition by our community of a Warrior's patrolling mastery.

Note: In spite of the Infantry traditions that permeate our training program and simulation model, One Shepherd does not produce qualified military occupational specialties. Certifications in combat arms - Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Combat Engineer and Special Forces - are far too broad in scope for the Warrior Leader Program to comprehensively cover. However, One Shepherd training is wholly focused on dismounted patrolling operations and small unit tactics inherent of any combat arms unit.

The Shepherd Path

The excellence of our community is derived directly from the time, efforts and talents of our Shepherds!

Shepherd Competencies

Shepherds are unique Warriors. They seek self-actualization through the philanthropy of volunteerism. Our Shepherds mentor burgeoning Warrior-Leaders in our community as a “Green Hat” Staff Officer or they may certify as a “Black Hat” Cadre Instructor.

One Shepherd continually seeks enthusiastic individuals who wish to volunteer their talent to the Warrior Leader Program! If you are interested in becoming a certified instructor or you are interested in working as staff in One Shepherd’s Warrior Leader Program, please contact our training director, deputy, or any other member of the staff or cadre.

One Shepherd Tab - Requirements

The Shepherd path is somewhat proprietary in nature. Shepherds are recruited from within our community by invitation, as well as from outside One Shepherd when qualified, although this is less common.

Volunteers for Staff Officer positions have earned the Warrior-Leader tab, or an equivalency from an organization outside One Shepherd. They are placed in a staff section corresponding to their skill set and trained on the job. Additionally Staff Officers are expected to attend the bi-annual staff training to develop competencies in the battle staff roles and responsibilities, the Military Decision-Making Process, and synchronization of staff output and input products.

The Cadre Instructor certification process takes about a year and includes a couple of pre-requisites that are external to One Shepherd. It also requires attendance in the Cadre Development Course offered each winter by invitation. Finally it requires six student teaching experiences that are typically conducted over two entire semesters.