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Full Semester Traditional Warrior Pricing


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The Warrior Leader Program – established by students, for students.

The One Shepherd Full Semester Traditional Warrior Pricing ensures attendance by Warriors who otherwise might not be able to attend. The cost is decreased by to $500 for the entire semester vs $900 otherwise, however there are a very limited number of slots each year based on attendance. These slots are awarded to eligible Warriors on a first come, first served basis. See below for eligibility and requirements.

The FSTWP awards commitment to the Warrior Leader Program, and comes with a specific set of constraints and restraints:

  • FSTWP eligibility is for Warriors at 14 ~ 22 years of age at time of registration.1
  • FSTWP recipients must attend the entire 7-day training semester, plus…
  • FSS recipients must submit a report of recruiting efforts by end of the year.2

1. Proof of age must be presented in-person at the beginning of the training semester.

2. The report of recruiting effort is anticipated as a single page report on any recruiting for One Shepherd – e.g. discussions with friends and family, promoting at a One Shepherd sanctioned trade show or convention, or promoting in social media such as YouTube videos or Facebook announcements. The promotion requirement is open to innovative ideas, or even word-of-mouth efforts that have been historically successful.

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