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“Outpost Harry” 24-HR FTX – April 1-2, 2023


The pinnacle of leadership education is an exploratory experience without teachers.

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  • You may qualify for the Traditional Warrior Discount!
  • You must attend the entire week of the semester (meaning, all three training events).
  • Proof of age (photo ID) will be required upon arrival to semester training.
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TIME/DATE: 9AM Sat – 12PM Sun, 1-2 April 2023

LOCATION: 2091 Mountain Air Drive, Springfield, WV 26763

PRICE: $500 per Warrior

NOTE: All funds collected, minus M200 ammunition and minor operational fees, are allocated to the fundraiser for the purchase of a Sprinter Van for One Shepherd Leadership Institute. Warriors are responsible for their own field rations. Try something new!


Outpost Harry was a remote Korean War defensive perimeter located on a tiny hilltop in what was commonly referred to as the “Iron Triangle” on the Korean Peninsula. This was an area approximately 60 miles northeast of Seoul and was the most direct route to the South Korean capital.

The battle that raged from Jun 10 – 18, 1953 was not only iconic of the previously two years of violent stalemate along the 38 Parallel, marked by other notorious battles such as Pork Chop Hill, but the Battle of Outpost Harry” would also cast a foreshadow on combat operations to come. The ceasefire agreement was just weeks away from being signed, but afterwards the agreement would mean very little to the warriors from all sides who continued small unit combat operations inside the DMZ for the next +60 years.

In those 8 days of fighting, four US Infantry companies and one Greek Infantry company took turns each night defending the outpost. Each night the defending UN rifle company would be so badly mauled as to be combat ineffective the next morning. But the North Korean Army committed an entire battalion to take the hill each night, and by morning the entire North Korean battalion would be lost again and again. Most of the fighting took place under the cover of darkness, with reinforcements and casualty evacuations taking place during the day.

By the end of the eight-day battle, five UN rifle companies totaling 750 men lost 533 casualties. The North Korean division of 13,000 men lost approximately 4,500 casualties.

This 24-hour FTX Simulation will emulate a single night of the defense of Outpost Harry.


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