One Shepherd Leadership Institute

Situational Training Exercise I (STX) – April 26-27, 2022


Seminars in the tactical proficiency of dismounted patrolling.


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Spring Semester in WEST VIRGINIA

BSR, Incorporated
201 Motorsports Park Circle
Summit Point, WV 25446

Seminars in the tactical proficiency of dismounted patrolling.

The Situational Training Exercise (STX Seminar) is offered twice per year, once per each spring and fall semester. Each of the two-day STX Seminars covers an offensive tactic, defensive tactic, and enabling tactic that are conducted at the squad and/or platoon level. There are a total of six distinct STX Seminars forming the core of the three-year Warrior Leader Program.

STX Seminar IV

Offense: Spoiling Attack
Defense: Infiltration & Exfiltration Ops
Enabling: Clandestine Link-Up

Warriors who attend all six of the STX Seminars plus six FTX Simulations are awarded the Lightfighter designator the bottom of the One Shepherd regimental patch. This scroll denotes an experienced competency in small unit dismounted patrolling tactics.


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