One Shepherd Leadership Institute

Frequently Asked Questions…

Can civilians participate in One Shepherd’s tactical training?

Absolutely. One Shepherd is a vocational leadership education program. While we are a rite of passage for the warrior community, and employ military simulation extensively, it is not the intent or purpose of One Shepherd to establish a military organization.

Some people have enthusiasticly remarked that One Shepherd brings an element of irreverance to a curriculum that has been heretofore “safe guarded” by the secret and clandestine faternal orders of martial art. Rubbish. The content of our curriculum is open source and readily available to every American citizen through the Freedom of Information Act. It’s available online! We’re not giving away trade secrets or national security.

On the other hand…all stories have been told; it’s how you tell the story that sells it. And at One Shepherd we have a proven instructional pedogogy and incredibly talented, experienced staff and cadre. In short, we tell a good story. We tell it well enough to interest community members from the US Department of Defense, Department of State, and Department of Energy.

Come be a part of our story.