One Shepherd Leadership Institute

First-Time Registration: NEW WARRIORS CLICK HERE!
Normal Registration: WARRIORS CLICK HERE!

NOTE: Shepherd will conduct TWO registration dates – on 1FEB for the spring semesters, and on 1AUG for the fall semesters.

Spring Registration Opens: Wed, 1 FEB 2023
BCO SPRING SEMESTER BSR Facility in Summit Point, WV Sun-Sat, 23-29 APR 2023
ACO SUMMER SEMESTER CMTC Facility in Ulman, MO Sun-Sat, 28 MAY – 03 JUN 2023

Warriors, this is the projected training schedule for next year, 2023. These are the dates, locations, and curriculum AS WE EXPECT. You should anticipate IT WILL CHANGE. Do not purchase airline tickets. Do not get angry when it changes. It will change. And we’ve told you it will change…but our community demands to “see what we are thinking” as early as possible each November.

Fall Registration Opens: Tue, 1 AUG 2023
ACO FALL SEMESTER CMTC Facility in Ulman, MO Sun-Sat, 17-23 SEP
CCO FALL SEMESTER Panthera Training in Old Fields, WV Sun-Sat, 8-14 OCT