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Frequently Asked Questions…

Why Do I Need Two Uniforms?

This is a question we get a lot, and that’s understandable given the fact that few people have experienced immersive force-on-force simulation. So let’s try to sum it up succinctly. The three reasons we insist on two different uniforms are (1.) identification, (2.) hygiene, and (3.) tradition.

One Shepherd is an immersive, force-on-force simulation-based learning environment. Your opponents will be your fellow community members. The quickest way to determine “friend or foe” in battle is to visually identify their uniform. Without two uniforms things become very confusing, very quickly. Two distinct uniforms offer the most immediate form of identifying enemy from ally in battle.

The uniform of the day is rotated daily. One day you wear the BLUFOR Woodland uniform, the next day you wear the OPFOR OD Green uniform. When living for a week at a time in base camp and deployed to the bush, rotating uniforms helps extend the serviceability of your uniforms. It’s more hygienic. It saves time and money.

One Shepherd began 1981, coincidentally the same year that the US Army began the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, CA and subsequently the Jungle Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, LA. Curiously enough, the Army too recognized the brilliance of incorporating a simple, solid OD green uniform for the OPFOR as a way of identifying forces. Independently, One Shepherd came to the same conclusion and we have a 30+ year tradition of maintaining two uniforms. Since that time, all Warriors are required to purchase and maintain the two prescribed uniforms.

You need two uniforms. You can manage with just one pair of boots, gloves, and belt. But you will need both uniforms.

Be sure to read our Uniforms page for further detailed information.