One Shepherd Leadership Institute

The Shepherd Path

Warrior Leader Program

The excellence of our community is derived directly from the time, efforts and talents of our Shepherds!

Shepherd Competencies

Shepherds are unique Warriors. They seek self-actualization through the philanthropy of volunteerism. Our Shepherds mentor burgeoning Warrior-Leaders in our community as a “Green Hat” Staff Officer or they may certify as a “Black Hat” Cadre Instructor.

One Shepherd continually seeks enthusiastic individuals who wish to volunteer their talent to the Warrior Leader Program! If you are interested in becoming a certified instructor or you are interested in working as staff in One Shepherd’s Warrior Leader Program, please contact our training director, deputy, or any other member of the staff or cadre.

One Shepherd Tab – Requirements

The Shepherd path is somewhat proprietary in nature. Shepherds are recruited from within our community by invitation, as well as from outside One Shepherd when qualified, although this is less common.

Volunteers for Staff Officer positions have earned the Warrior-Leader tab, or an equivalency from an organization outside One Shepherd. They are placed in a staff section corresponding to their skill set and trained on the job. Additionally Staff Officers are expected to attend the bi-annual staff training to develop competencies in the battle staff roles and responsibilities, the Military Decision-Making Process, and synchronization of staff output and input products.

The Cadre Instructor certification process takes about a year and includes a couple of pre-requisites that are external to One Shepherd. It also requires attendance in the Cadre Development Course offered each winter by invitation. Finally it requires six student teaching experiences that are typically conducted over two entire semesters.