One Shepherd Leadership Institute

The Warrior Path

Warrior Leader Program

All warriors must enter our Warrior Leader Program through the Warrior Basic Course. Through this initial training you become part of our community and wear the regimental shoulder patch, joining hundreds of active and alumni members literally around the globe.

Warrior Competencies

You will learn individual level competencies of “shoot, move, communicate” – first as an individual, then as a buddy team, then as a fireteam, and finally as a member of squad or platoon-sized patrols. You’ll learn these tasks in the day and night, and in all terrain and weather conditions.

You’ll learn One Shepherd’s integral Battlefield Operating Systems. This includes the AR15 weapon series, MILES 2000/IWS simulation, radio and field phones, plus navigation and targeting systems such as night vision devices.

Through One Shepherd you will experience individual and collective tasks of the warrior. It is an intensive, exhausting, and even emotional test.

One Warrior Tab – Requirements

The intent of the tab requirements is to establish essential skill sets that facilitate in each Warrior the competency to participate in small unit patrolling operations, and to expose the Warrior to the process and discipline of mission planning and tempo, plus individual and team accountability.

The One Warrior tab requirements include at a minimum:

1. Warrior Basic Course (WBC) – Two days instruction on basic warrior tasks of “shoot, move, communicate” and battlefield equipment.
2. Land Navigation Course (LNC) – Two days instruction in map reading, compass work, and daytime/nighttime terrain navigation lanes.
3. Warrior Advanced Course (WAC) –
4. FTX Simulation (FTX) – Three days experience in force-on-force wargaming involving small unit tactics in patrolling operations.
All Warriors are coached and mentored through this process. They are offered feedback assessment through one-on-one counselling interviews with cadre instructors and staff officers.

Upon meeting these requirements our Warriors are tabbed “One Warrior.” The tab is not rank. Instead it is an outward recognition by our community of Warrior experiences along their path. The Warrior track typically requires two semesters to complete.