One Shepherd Leadership Institute

Frequently Asked Questions…

Why must “Battle Rattle” gear be solid OD green?

This is a misunderstanding. Let’s set the record straight. You are allowed to use either solid OD Green or Woodland pattern battle gear in ALICE, MOLLE, BCP or similar kit. We insist on OD Green gear if you have only a single set of battle rattle.

OD Green Rules!

Why? Because OD Green battle rattle gear can be worn with BOTH uniforms – either the OPFOR uniform in solid olive green or with the BLUFOR uniform in Woodland. So OD Green battle rattle gear is more versatile.

You CANNOT wear woodland battle rattle gear with the OPFOR uniform. Woodland gear must be worn only with the woodland uniform.

The OPFOR uniform is solid olive green. If you were to wear woodland battle rattle with the OPFOR uniform it would be very difficult in most cases to visually determine your status as “friend of foe”. That goes completely against our rationale for having two uniforms!

Yet, you CAN wear OD battle rattle gear with the BLUFOR uniform. Why? Experience has shown that when the human eye sees a woodland pattern uniform we do not differentiate the OD Green color of battle gear. The OD green battle rattle just becomes part of the woodland pattern to the human eye.

So again, you can have both woodland and OD green battle rattle gear. But the OD green is universal, whereas the woodland gear can only be worn with the BLUFOR woodland uniform. It just makes good financial sense to purchase one set of gear – and if you own just one set of battle rattle, it must be OD green.

If you can afford both – fine! We allow both. We welcome it. Go for it.