One Shepherd Leadership Institute

The Lightfighter Challenge

Warrior Leader Program

One Shepherd’s Warrior Leader Program is authentically immersed in dismounted patrolling operations that are colloquially referred to as “light fighting.” The purpose of the Lightfighter scroll is to recognize Warriors who have demonstrated a mastery of dismounted patrolling competencies that allow them to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy through fire and maneuver in close combat.

Note: In spite of the Infantry traditions that permeate our training program and simulation model, One Shepherd does not produce qualified military occupational specialties. Certifications in combat arms – Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Combat Engineer and Special Forces – are far too broad in scope for the Warrior Leader Program to comprehensively cover. However, One Shepherd training is wholly focused on dismounted patrolling operations and small unit tactics inherent of any combat arms unit.

Lightfighter Competencies

Lightfighters are skilled in dismounted patrolling operations at the tactical level of warfare. Competency in small unit tactical tasks within offensive operations, defensive operations, and enabling operations is required. Each 2-day STX Seminars covers an offensive tactic, defensive tactic, and enabling tactic that are conducted at the squad and/or platoon level. There are a total of six distinct STX Seminars forming the core of the three-year Warrior Leader Program.

Tactical patrolling tasks include but are not limited to: deliberate attack, movement to contact, pursuit and exploitation, special purpose attacks, area defense, mobile defense, retrograde, security operations, and reconnaissance operations.

Lightfighter Scroll – Requirements

The Lightfighter requirements include a minimum of 32 field days of training in dismounted patrolling operations that is typically spread over a three-year endeavor. The process begins with the Warrior Basic Course, plus attendance of all six of the STX Seminars, and participation in six FTX simulations.

Upon meeting these requirements our Warriors are awarded the “Lightfighter” scroll attached to the bottom of the regimental shoulder patch. The scroll is not rank. Instead it is an outward recognition by our community of a Warrior’s patrolling mastery.