One Shepherd Leadership Institute

Frequently Asked Questions…

May I bring my personally owned AR15 to training and simulations?

Yes – with two major caveats. You must first attend a semester and use one of our rifles.  Secondly, there is a $100 fee for mounting a SAT to your rifle.

The MILES 2000 system is used on all of our rifles and is easier to work with and understand.  Until recently, the MILES IWS system was primarily used for personal rifles, mainly because of the ease of mounting and aligning the Small Arms Transmitter (SAT).  We find that the IWS system can be a bit intimidating for new students who are already being flooded with information their first week.  Recently, reliability issues have forced us to remove it from our operations.

One Shepherd maintains an armory of AR15 rifles and carbines for all of our members to borrow at no extra cost. However, after attending a semester we also encourage Warriors to own the tools of their trade – a weapon. Be advised, we are only able to set up a limited number of personal rifles with SAT’s.  Now that said, be advised that there are a few other caveats.

DO NOT BRING personally owned blank ammunition, magazines, or blank firing adapter! This is forbidden.

1. Personally owned rifles or carbines must be of the AR15 variant in .233 caliber (5.56mm). One Shepherd uses the M200 LC blank cartridge in this caliber. Furthermore, our MILES 2000/IWS are programed for this caliber only. For safety reasons, personally owned blank ammunition is absolutely forbidden from our training facility. Period.

2. Personally owned magazines are not permitted. One Shepherd employs USGI STANAG aluminum magazines. The spines are painted to indicate “blank ammunition only.” This is a critical part of our safety protocol.

3. Personally owned AR15 must have A1 or A2-type “bird cage” muzzlebrake. One Shepherd employs the government standard M15A2 red blank firing adaptor (BFA) for barrels 18 inches or longer, and the M26 yellow BFA for barrels 16 inches or shorter. Due to our safety protocol, we insist you use ours.

Personally owned AR15 weapons will be checked into the arms room and undergo a functions and safety check. They will be fitted with a MILES SAT laser on the barrel. Members are responsible for zeroing the SAT laser (dry fire), and should anticipate between five minutes and an hour to zero depending on their proficiency. Please do not bring your “Safe Queen” prized firearm. Personally owned AR15 should be a Warrior’s weapon. It will become scratched, dented, and worn in our training environment!

OD Green Rules!

Solid OD green furniture is not required for the first fielding. However, you’ll notice that solid olive green is One Shepherd’s motif. We expect your AR15 to conform to our uniformity. Complete OD green furniture may be purchased for under $100. Alternatively, DuraCoat furniture finish can be purchased for just $16, and a can of OD green Krylon spraypaint costs just $3. So it’s affordable.