One Shepherd Leadership Institute

Frequently Asked Questions…

May I bring my personally owned AR15 to training and simulations?

Currently, no. One Shepherd is attempting to resolve this problem. However, the nature of mounting and zeroing the MILES 2000 SAT to a weapon is so involved that it is counterproductive for our all-volunteer staff to spend time on this task. Instead, please use our One Shepherd issued AR15 weapons at no extra cost.

You may opt to bring day optic, night vision, targeting laser, and slings to mount on issues AR15 – unless you are issued a “specialty weapon” such as Light Support Weapon (LSW) or Sharpshooter Designated Rifle (SDR). In that case, the weapon is set up in a standard format that must not be altered.

In the future, One Shepherd intends to acquire MILES that allow each Warrior to mount and zero the SAT to personal AR15. At that time, we will resume the tradition of integrating personal AR15 back into training. Thanks for your patience.