One Shepherd Leadership Institute

The Leader Path

Warrior Leader Program

Participating Warriors enter the leadership track education through the Light Leaders Course or the Leader Reflection Course. You will learn mission planning, decision-making models, operation orders, and assessment models. You will also reflect purposefully on leadership ethics to decide what type of leader you want to be, as well as who you are now.

Leader Competencies

It is through leadership that battles are won and lost. Leadership is the universal art that unifies each community and focuses us toward a vision of success. Regardless of professional field or industry, leadership competencies include:

Envisioning Success
Communicating Intent
Conducting Planning
Building Consensus
Assessing Progress
Mentoring Others
Recognizing Culmination
Celebrating Success

One Leader Tab – Requirements

The intent of the tab requirements is to establish leadership competency through experiences. The One Leader tab requires at a minimum mission planning processes learned through the Light Leaders Course (LLC), maneuver warfare through the Mission Command Course (MCC), plus reflective skills and ethics learned through the Leader Reflection Course (LRC). Additionally leaders require progressively demanding experiences that are obtained through STX Seminars and FTX Simulation.

Leaders are encouraged to accept a primary leader position and again attend both the preceding STX Seminar and subsequent FTX Simulation. Afterwards, each primary leader will offer a written form of reflection to formalize their learning. Warrior-leaders are coached and mentored through this process. They are offered feedback assessment through one-on-one counselling interviews and boards with cadre instructors and staff officers.

Upon meeting these requirements our Warriors are tabbed “One Leader.” Again, the tab is not rank. Instead it is an outward recognition by our community of the experiences along your path toward Warrior-Leader. The leader track typically requires an additional three to four semesters to complete.

Members may continue to seek training and leadership opportunities to expand their experiences. There are many opportunities to remain with our community and continue to grow.