One Shepherd Leadership Institute

Frequently Asked Questions…

What gear will I need?

Duty Uniforms – You will need both uniforms, the Blue Forces (BLUFOR) and Opposing Forces (OPFOR) uniforms. This includes rain gear. Newcomers are not required to have the proper insignia for their first semester. Be sure to see our Uniform page.

Load Bearing Equipment – At a minimum, each participant will carry two quarts of water plus multiple 30-round AR15 magazines. Hydration packs such as the CamelBak are very popular, but canteens work also. For carrying ammunition magazines you may consider ALICE LC2 or LBV88, MOLLE vest, or bandolier chest pouches (BCP) of any make. The choice is yours, but the more versatile your gear, the better. You will carry AR15 series weapons. All equipment should be solid OD green in color.

Field Equipment (Camping) – At a minimum, each participant will carry:
Waterproof bag
Rain tarp w/ bungee cords
Sleeping bag
Sleeping matt
Entrenching shovel
Utility multi-tool
2 quarts water in extra canteens
First aid kit
Personal hygiene kit

Here is a link to our complete packing list. Update in progress.

Mission Essential Equipment – All mission equipment materiel plus AR15 and MILES 2000/IWS simulation will be provided by One Shepherd. Under specific circumstances clients may bring their own personally owned firearm. See FAQ Can I bring my own personal AR15?

Field Rations – The Warrior Leader Program tuition fees include the cost of all prepared meals and MRE. Furthermore participants will sleep in tented quarters provided by One Shepherd.