One Shepherd Leadership Institute

Learning Philosophy – Have FUN!

Warrior Leader Program

One Shepherd is simply learning through FUN.

Educational communities are only just beginning to understand the impact of fun on learner motivation to achieve optimal experiences. One Shepherd makes no apologies for leveraging games in our educational program. Indeed, complex and authentic forms of wargaming date back at least two centuries to the period of the martial philosopher Carl von Clausewitz. One Shepherd employs the time-honored military tradition of kriegspiele – mastery through wargaming.

At One Shepherd we wholly reject the notion that learning requires miserable suffering. The most meaningful learning and synthesis cannot be realized without discovery through play – an exploration without fear of negative repercussions. As educators we owe our students a fun, authentic, safe place to explore and fail.

At One Shepherd we’ve known since 1981 that fun equates to an engaging, challenging, and safe environment. Here, failure is not only acceptable it is desirable. Failure allows warrior-leaders to explore, reflect and articulate their learning in order to identify solutions for success. This is the process of task mastery. And this is the essence of cognitive apprenticeship.

Highly qualified cadre and staff mentor each warrior-leader on a path toward excellence. One Shepherd employs Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model (ELM) as the standard of our instructional methodology.

Live wargaming simulations augment traditional classroom lecture and discussion. Simulations afford the critical aspect of application – experience from which warriors explore, reflect upon, and articulate their understanding of a shared reality.

Essential to One Shepherd’s success is that our warrior-leaders don’t merely listen and watch. They DO. Active participation in our community of practice is vital. This is learning reinforcement and leadership mastery.

Leadership is a Universal Value

Our world desperately needs leaders who inspire us toward solutions, unity, and justice. Yet the art of leadership is elusive and often appallingly misunderstood.

William Lowe Bryan, the late president of Indiana University noted, “Education is one of the few things a person is willing to pay for – and still not get.” Corporate industries continue to lament an utter failure in leadership education programs of American educational and corporate institutions.

Leadership is poorly taught in academics and industry, most notably because such institutions do not afford learning through the experience of application. In short, learners are considered mere “students” instead of being recognized as actual leaders with decision-making authority.

In stark contrast, One Shepherd offers experiential application of leadership through our Warrior Leader Program. Here, not only is leadership explored through classroom lecture and discussions, but also through authentic and immersive simulation of small unit patrolling operations.

Simulation and training lanes include Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement Systems (MILES 2000/IWS) that are coupled with real firearm weapon systems and blank-fire munitions for force-on-force engagements. Command decisions, battle plans, and communication occur in real-time environments. Our warriors employ a wide array of battlefield operating systems including AR15 weapons, night vision, radios and navigational systems for periods up to a full week.

This multiple-year leadership program is over 37 years in the making and boasts certified cadre instructors and incredibly talented staff officers. Assessment feedback to each warrior during the semester ensures meaningful learning from every opportunity of applied leadership.

Here you will become One Warrior, One Leader, One Shepherd. “FOLLOW ME!”