One Shepherd Leadership Institute

Warrior Leader Program

One Shepherd Regiment field equipment is predicated on function. Field gear should fit your needs comfortably while conducting dismounted patrolling operations. Field gear must also adhere to the Identification of Friend or Foe (IFF) inherent in a force-on-force training (FoF) environment. Comfort and IFF are the two important considerations.

Fighting Load – a.k.a. “Battle Rattle”

One Shepherd’s only concern for your battle rattle is THE COLOR!

Whether your battle rattle is ALICE LBE, LBV-88, MOLLE MAV, FLC, battle belt, or any form of assault vest and plate carrier from Eagle, Blackhawk, Tactical Tailor, London Bridge or even the affordable versions by Condor, Voodoo Tactical, or similar brand – WE DON’T CARE! Really. It’s completely up to you. Whatever works for you is absolutely fine with us at One Shepherd. To each, their own.

Again, the only thing One Shepherd cares about is the color. To be safe – purchase olive drab green (ODG). This includes almost any solid green color in the military tradition of mat green, army green, ranger green, and even foliage green.

Here’s the deal. We recommend ODG battle rattle. Why? Because ODG battle rattle can be worn with the ODG OPFOR uniform PLUS it can also be worn with the Woodland BLUFOR uniform. That simply isn’t the case the other way around. You absolutely cannot wear Woodland battle rattle with your ODG OPFOR uniform.

Now, some Warriors insist on having two sets of battle rattle. One in Woodland. One in ODG. That way they can wear matching battle rattle with their BLUFOR and OPFOR uniforms. Okay. You can certainly do that, too. Or…you can simply purchase one set of battle rattle. In that case, your battle rattle must be ODG, because it can be worn with either uniform. One Shepherd’s insistence on color is a FoF IFF requirement.

Sustainment Load – Carried in the Ruck

As long as your gear is a subdued earth tone color in green, brown, coyote, gray or black then “anything goes.” You must avoid bright colors! No white, yellow, red, orange, neon green, Snoopy, SpongeBob or Patrick Star patterns.

Inside or attached to your rucksack are your sleeping bag, sleeping mat, rain tarp, e-tool, extra canteens, and extra pouches. NO ONE CARES what color they are. Any camouflage pattern you want to use is fine.

Why so relaxed? Well, what is the first thing every Warrior does with their 40, 60, or 80-pound ruck when they are being shot at by an enemy opponent? That’s correct. They drop their ruck! They roll right out of that heavy rucksack and jump into the fight. So, the rucksack and anything carried inside or attached to the ruck simply does NOT pose a threat to the FoF IFF concerns of “fair play” in our training environment.

1 Shepherd Packing List