One Shepherd Leadership Institute

Frequently Asked Questions…

BE ADVISED: We have no “customers” in this program! Participants are members of our community. We seek responsibility for ourselves, our actions, and all personal and community equipment.

Are tuition fees ever refunded?

In the unlikely prospect of One Shepherd canceling an event, payments will be refunded to each participant.  Otherwise, there are no refunds. Exceptions are made for situations involving serious injury, illness, death, or legal crisis for the community member or their family. In such situations, a partial refund may be offered on a case-by-case basis, to be determined by staff officers.

What if I withdraw my participation midweek?

Cancellation by a student during the training week is strictly prohibited! Please understand that our community is relying on you. The Warriors need you for the mission. Our staff and cadre have voluntarily (e.g. without pay) surrendered all or part of their vacation from employment to work with you.

Can I transfer my tuition to another semester?

Transfers to another semester are not permitted. However, transfers to another qualified participant are allowed. To be “qualified” means (a.) the participant must meet our Policy of Eligibility, see our Policy page, and (b.) the participant will either be attending the Warrior Basic Course or has already completed the Warrior Basic Course. In short, it is up to you to coordinate that effort.