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Unassigned Meal Fee


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Unassigned meal fees are collected for those individuals who may be physically present but not otherwise participating or assigned to in any training event.  If you are attending a course, your meals are already included in the cost of tuition and there is no need to purchase this.  The meal fee is $30 per event, except for the FTX which is $45 and includes the post-FTX steak dinner.

For example, you attend a course on Sunday and Monday, and don’t want to attend the STX on Tuesday and Wednesday but still want to participate in the FTX Thursday – Saturday.  You’d pay for one non-FTX meal fee.  Another example would be a parent who participates with his child in the WBC but sits out the rest of the week but remains on site while their child attends the STX and FTX.  They’d pay for one meal fee for the STX and one for the FTX.

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Unassigned Meal Fee - Spring Event

Unassigned Meal Fee – Event, Unassigned Meal Fee – FTX Only


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