One Shepherd Leadership Institute


Alpha CompanyCMTC Facility, Ulman, Missouri

  • Summer Semester: Sun, 31 May – Sat, 6 June
  • Fall Semester: Sun, 20 – Sat, 26 September

Bravo CompanyBSR Facility, Summit Point, West Virginia

  • Spring Semester: Sun, 26 April – Sat, 2 May
  • Fall Semester: Sun, 25 – Sat, 31 October

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One Shepherd offers the Warrior Leader Program to civilian and military alike. Participants are immersed into multi-day continuous gaming simulation of combat patrolling operations. This force-on-force simulation uses AR15 firearms, blank ammunition, and MILES 2000/IWS to create unique experiential opportunities to lead Warriors into battle.

The Warrior Ethos:

I demonstrate love through the faithful safeguard of my tribe and respect the honorable bonds with my fellow Warriors. I am able to endure defeat, imprisonment, scorn, and even death, but never dishonor. Excellence, although elusive, is my lifelong pursuit.